FBL College

Paths and objectives


"The large resistance on the evil days of barbaric injustice presupposes training in the fight against small injustice in everyday life", wrote the lawyer and survivor of the Nazi regime Fritz Bauer.

For Fritz Bauer, resistance meant the struggle for human rights. Recognizing that human rights education plays a key role in this struggling, the educational work of the FBL-Kolleg aims to strengthen the participants' powers of resistance.

Target audiences

We want to reach pupils, students and educators, as well as employees in the social, legal and medical professions. But we also know that the subject is of concern to all of us. Everyone is invited.


Our activities

  • Seminars and workshops on the "struggle for human rights" (F. Bauer)
  • Creative workshops and interactive exhibitions on the history of human survival
  • Seminars and other group activities on survival stories and political remembrance cultures around the world
  • Teaching materials for project-days are under construction

Take action!

You can become active yourself.

We support you in this.

Invite the FBB to join you.